10x Yourself

You can't 10x the projects, teams, or organization you lead until you 10x yourself

A different kind of CEO Coaching

A different way of thinking about 10x

10x your

and Confidence...

...with your Human Intelligence

10x yourself not just by being a better CEO,
but by becoming more of who you are, 
and more of who you want to be next

Discover new options for yourself

Become the person that can attain them

Develop & strengthen your Self-Agility

Is the ladder of success leaning against the right wall? How do you know?

Great leaders never stop learning about themselves

Good leaders stop at just thinking about it

A different kind of CEO Coaching

Based on the pioneering Clean Language models developed by the late David Grove and the contributions of the many people inspired by his work


· Quickly and successfully resolve contradictory demands, and conflicting priorities

· Find yourself surrounded by people discovering new ways to see eye-to-eye

· No longer be overwhelmed or paralyzed by uncertainty and chaos

· Always know, understand, and choose the best decisions to make

· Move forward with certainty and confidence

· Have more than enough time for what matters most

· Avoid burnout

· Enjoy people naturally and happily being inspired by your leadership

· Love coming to work so much it doesn't feel like work

A proprietary daily 5-minute deliberate Human Intelligence strengthening exercise that
uncovers new ways forward beyond those you already know, to reveal new breakthrough ways of thinking about yourself

· Discover what's holding you back from 10x'ing yourself, and what to do about it
· Sharpen your keen eye for what’s missing, something that hasn’t yet happened; something about to unfold; something waiting to get done that only you can see and make happen
· Gain advantage from allowing a diversity of understandings to simultaneously co-exist (especially when they are contradictory)
· Ask better questions (of yourself, as well as of others)
· Find balance between confidence and caution in the face of unpredictability
· Maintain personal freedom when dealing with the priorities of others
· Take ownership of, and responsibility for, what's all in your world (including all of your feelings)
· Have greater clarity about your future as it continues to change
· Develop yourself as a higher quality, increasingly more valuable asset to yourself
· Stop satisfying and fitting in with the average and confidently stand out from the crowd
· Be living life fully aligned with your true nature and purpose

Is Self-Agility Human Intelligence Coaching right for you?

What kind of coaching are YOU looking for?

Self-Agility Human Intelligence Coaching

  • Is client-focused, in the #4 'Facilitating' realm
  • Puts the client in charge of their discovering for themselves personal knowledge they didn't know they already have
  • Opens the door to the Land of 10x
  • Makes a space to become hyper-aware of something not yet known, rather than just analyzing what already exists, or relying only on what's already been figured out by someone else


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