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Stop Waiting for the Organization to
Change Before You Do

Escape the Corporate Thinking Habits that Bind You

Jonn Kares has pointed me to deeper richer conversations with myself, setting me free from the daily grind of habitual thinking. His tremendous skill has helped me find the kernel of truth behind the “why” behind what I want. I've re-discovered ways to be bold and true to myself that benefit everyone. I strongly recommend Jonn Kares and his programs to anyone looking to increase their personal agility and actionable outcomes. 

Jay Noronha

(or wishing you could, but can't?)
Agility Begins and Ends with YOU

Becoming what's next is impossible when:

  • It's not clear exactly how you want re-invent yourself 

  • You are fearful of making the wrong choice

  • There are too many options. Or only options that don't ring true for you

  • What's standing in your way is unclear and blocking every move

Reinventing of the
Enterprise of YOU

Put in motion

new options

for yourself



your habits

of thinking



forward with


Self-Agility Thinking Habits like:

· Allowing a diversity of understandings to simultaneously co-exist within your world, especially when they are contradictory (and allowing all of your understandings the freedom to change)

· Taking ownership of, and taking responsibility for, what's in your world (including all of your feelings) 

· Not excluding yourself from your world, and actively participating within it (especially when it's uncomfortable)

Self-Agility Habit-Building Training Programs
  • Effortlessly apply Self-Agility and benefit from it in all spheres of your life

  • Know uncertainty and volatility as allies and enjoy them as a resource

  • Be in charge of change instead of being at the effect of it

  • Be filled with renewed personal purpose and feel really good about it (and know what to do when you don't)

  • Experience the work you are doing, and the life you are leading, be satisfying and enjoyable

  • Expand your self-identity, living the way you view yourself in alignment with what matters most to you

I've discovered a new way of relating to myself and my world that lets me relax, and has helped me let go of worrying about the future, no longer feeling that I must simply adapt and follow along. Jonn's Self-Agility habits have given me new self-awareness of the dance between my thinking and my reality, and has taught me a few moves that ensure I am co-leading and co-creating the very dance floor itself.

Your new world of work is only being invented by you

Systems change as the people within them change.
Not the other way round.

Starting with you.

Discover a new adventure without necessarily having to quit

Thrive in the face of uncertainty with Self-Agility

The conversations you have with yourself are the most important ones of all.

But too much internal dialog is just a rehash of yesterday's thinking. 

How much of who you were two weeks ago is still who you are today?

Taking charge of the change you want

As you relinquish Corporate Thinking Habits, you discover you're a different person than you thought you were, with capabilities you didn't even know you had.

Replacing Corporate Thinking Habits
"Getting ahead is not about
getting more stuff done.
It's being 
more of who you are."

Your world stays the same the longer you do

And it stays the same the longer you wait for the world to change first


Working with Leaders and Change Agents transitioning out of outdated legacy Corporate Thinking Habits (many of whom are ready to quit because work has become so intolerable), helping them better navigate change and uncertainty with confidence by developing and strengthening their Self-Agility
Self-Agility Habit-Building Training

Self-Assessment Worksheet

  • A free 10-minute online self-study questionnaire

  • Find out how Self-Agile you really are in 28 different areas of daily activity

  • Identify the Corporate Thinking habits holding you back most

  • Learn the Self-Agility habits to develop first most important to you

  • Receive a personalized custom report-of-findings study-guide for your next action steps


What's Your Self-Agility Quotient

Daily New Habit Lessons

  • Activate your Self-Agility Thinking

  • A daily ongoing Training Course delivered by email

  • A lesson-a-day to develop and strengthen your Self-Agility thinking habits

  • Balance internal expectations with external demands

  • Trigger fresh perspectives about the way you think about the Enterprise of YOU

  • Unsubscribe at any time


Self-Agility Daily Headstart

1-on-1 Personal Coaching

  • Packages of weekly 90-minute sessions

  • Become more of who you are

  • Find answers to “Now what?”, not “What’s next?"

  • Experience greater control, progress, fulfillment, and belonging in all areas of your life

  • Rediscover the unknown familiar stranger within you

  • Reconnect with the work you love

The first session in your first Coaching Package is free. You pay for packages only if you choose to continue.

Self-Agility Discovery Training




Your world stays the same the longer you do

And it stays the same the longer you wait for the world to change first


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