Adventures in

"Getting ahead is not about
getting more stuff done.
It's always about being
more of who you are."

You can't innovate and break new ground by traversing the same old well-worn paths and territories already being explored by everybody else


Said like that, this observation seems so obvious. So why then do so many people wanting to to learn and grow themselves and their organizations continue to choose to follow this popular best practice?


To avoid pain. And because of the certainty of the comfort of the herd.


The only way to break free of a bleak future of the same-old/same-old is to go where you have never gone before. That means pursuing your own priorities instead of those of others. It means taking charge of your SELF-Leadership.

I am Jonn Kares, the man behind this Executive Self-Leadership coaching practice.


  • I have spent 25 years as a network radio and TV news broadcaster.

  • I have also spent several decades leading and training B2B Sales and Marketing teams, having set some Enterprise sales records of my own, and coached Senior Business Leaders as they worked to sort out their best possible futures for themselves.

  • But my Self-Leadership learning began before all that in Architecture School. The thinking process of Architecture explores what comes before and what comes after as you move through space, not just in the physical world but even more so in the space between your ears. Architects only get to own the view in their mind's eye by filling in what is missing or hidden. They are creating the future before it happens by allowing themselves to access something bigger than themselves, something beyond what currently exists.


I exist to serve by revealing purpose. I call this website “Adventures in Self-Leadership” because Self-Leadership is an endless journey of discovery that the world is always so much bigger than what we think it is. My intention is to encourage new ways of perceiving that expand horizons and push the boundaries of the tried-and-true, consistently guided by your True Purpose.

Self-Leadership - Where are you leading yourself

Everything in your life extends from where and how you choose to lead yourself.

Taking charge of your Self-Leadership enables you to discover and reconnect with the one thing that doesn't change, the one single True Purpose most important to you, and to identify and make fresh choices about what may just be mindless desire for something you've been told you are supposed to want to satisfy someone else's agenda.


How many of your own priorities are actually yours, the ones that really matter to you? Do you even remember what they are?

Self-Leadership easily falls to the bottom of the priority list in the midst of everyday busy-ness. Most daily struggles only arise, though, from pursuing someone else's idea of success. Self-Leadership leads you to the doorway of the world you really want to be discovering.

Some characteristics of my Executive SELF-Leadership Coaching clients:

  • Self-Leaders take responsibility for their own experiences in life, continuously re-discovering their trust in themselves

  • They welcome change, knowing their personal, professional, and emotional growth depends on learning/unlearning/relearning every day 

  • Self-Leaders are dissatisfied with having to accept conformity as the only way to get ahead, and are always seeking new discoveries from their inner world about where to head next

  • Self-Leaders are always working to maintain unconditional positive regard for themselves and their surroundings, courageously allowing themselves to be remarkable

  • They disallow others to define their boundaries by first approving of themselves before seeking approval externally

  • Self-Leaders know self-respect always starts first with themselves

  • They know they are not bigger than life, but that they are bigger than what life hands them

  • Self-Leaders seek help not just with solving their problems, but more so with identifying the next bigger problem for them to lean into

  • Forward-facing Self-Leaders question any future being exactly equal to the past

  • They are always inventing new habits of thinking to replace habitual ways of thinking that no longer serve them

  • Ultimately, Self-Leaders are always yearning to be a better boss of themselves


How to develop your Self-Leadership skill

More than just talking or thinking about it, you have to actually do it. And that requires daily ongoing practice.


An activity everybody does everyday can quickly develop Self-Leadership skill, when done the right way.

A Daily Writing Habit

Even though they are always at work "putting words to paper", many people think of themselves as being lousy writers. That's understandable as professional writing (for most) is not the source of their paychecks. But the thinking that goes into writing is. The problem is what kind of thinking and what kind of writing?


My Self-Leadership Coaching is supported by the discipline of a simple daily writing habit, the Self-Leadership Hub, that doesn't necessarily make you a better writer (although that can be a beneficial side-effect), but that over time helps you identify what's on your mind that is most important to you, to better know where to head next most aligned with your True Purpose, and where you need to most be putting your attention so that your desired futures can be showing up more in your life.

The Self-Leadership Hub is a specifically structured form of daily micro-journaling that takes just 10 minutes a day, delivering ROI faster than other daily writing routines.

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"The secret of getting ahead is getting started."  –  Mark Twain

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