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Escaping the Corporate Thinking Habits that Bind You

You can't innovate and break new ground by traversing the same old well-worn paths and territories already being explored by everyone else

Jonn Kares

The Self-Agility Coach
Re-Inventing the Enterprise of YOU

"I contribute to a greater cause, by making things clear and understandable, to bring a better way to move forward."

What You Need to Know About Me

I help organizational leaders break free of the Corporate Thinking habits holding them back and causing them grief. I do that by helping them develop and strengthen their Self-Agility.


I see too many well-meaning leaders and change agents frustrated and stuck because their allegiance to Corporate Thinking has made their thinking stuck.


They can't see beyond to Self-Agility because of they have lost their ability to be flexible with their thinking. Their thinking about who they are and how they interact with their worlds.


My Self-Agility training supports them in developing new habits of thinking that can serve them better.

Working on the Inside from an Outsider's Perspective

Agile Organizations Begin and End with You
Jonn Kares works with organizational leaders ready to quit because work has become intolerable and unsustainable.

He helps them become what's next, and transition out of painful Corporate Thinking Habits, by developing and strengthening their Self-Agility.


  • I am the architect of my own transformation

  • Better ideas emerge when what is known is not presupposed

  • When I am heard I flower and blossom

  • I honour the unique genius within each of us

If you are finding the content in this website meaningful, please share it with a friend or colleague.

I am always on the lookout for others ready to explore and develop this bold new world of Self-Agility, and discover the power and freedom of their Self-Leadership.

"Working" for me has always been about exploring what's next.

As an:

  • Architect/Designer

  • News Broadcaster

  • Media Entrepreneur

  • B2B Sales and Marketing Executive

Always contributing as a perpetual 'gig-worker' because I couldn't see the sense of climbing the corporate ladder. It held little appeal for me.


I've worked and lived within, and been able to examine the nooks and crannies of corporate life from the inside, but with an outsider's perspective.


And all the while, often without knowing it, unconsciously working to coach individuals and teams to excel by changing their habits of thinking to become more of who and what they are.


Fulfilling my purpose of helping others fulfill their purpose.


Because that's who I am, and that's what I do.

As a coach, I don't provide advice (unless you ask me for it), and my role is not to serve as an accountability project manager. 

Instead, I facilitate true genuine self-directed life-changing personal transformation for clients, on their own terms.

I don't have the answers or solutions to your problems and challenges, your conundrums and dilemmas.


You do.


I help you uncover what those are.


Maybe I can help you, too?

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