A Different Take on 10x

· 10x is not working ten times harder

· 10x is more than dreaming 10x bigger

· Self-Agility 10x is about choosing to go places you've never been before, without knowing the exact destination in advance, or how you're going to get there

· Self-Agility 10x is you constantly reviewing, revising and becoming more clear about where you think you want to go

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· Quickly and successfully resolve contradictory demands, and conflicting priorities

· Find yourself surrounded by people discovering new ways to see eye-to-eye

· No longer be overwhelmed or paralyzed by uncertainty and chaos

· Always know, understand, and choose the best decisions to make

· Move forward with certainty and confidence

· Have more than enough time for what matters most

· Avoid burnout

· Enjoy people naturally and happily being inspired by your leadership

· Love coming to work so much it doesn't feel like work


Hi, it's Jonn Kares here, the Self-Agility Coach.

I help CEOs and Senior Leaders navigate uncertainty and chaos by developing their Self-Agility, to support their ongoing odysseys of self-discovery.

I often get asked what I mean by Self-Agility, and I'll get to that in just a moment. But first, let me tell you a bit about where my understanding of Self-Agility has come from and why I think it's so important, especially today.

Long before "Agile" was an everyday business term, I've worked as an Architect, a B2B Sales and Marketing Executive, and as a Radio and TV News Broadcaster. Being part of fast-paced teams, where things are always rapidly changing. Work environments where collaborative leadership requires teams of people with strong Self-Leadership to effectively deal with constantly and rapidly changing circumstances.

Work environments where plans quickly become useless, but where planning is also essential and inescapable.

My succeeding in all these different industries has taught me how to thrive and flourish in the face of chaos and uncertainty. I've had to learn how to become Self-Agile.
So by Self-Agility, I mean being flexible with my understanding of who I think I am, and being flexible with how I manage my relationship with the world around me.

Because nothing is staying the same, ever, including me.

Being Self-Agile frees me from being held back by old ingrained habits, having to rely on only best practices, and the tried and the true.

Rather than being paralyzed by uncertainty, or just blindly copying what everyone else is doing, being Self-Agile lets me confidently move forward without necessarily having to know where I'm going to end up, or how even I'm exactly going to get there.

Being Self-Agile lets me effectively fly in that airplane that's always being rebuilt, especially while it's in the air. Being Self-Agile gives me the freedom to experiment, without being terrified of crashing the plane.

If it's okay, I'd like to tell you a bit about some crucial things I've found in the world that I've come to rely on, that unleash my Self-Agility. Some crucial things that do not change, even when everything else around them is NOT standing still.

The first big thing I've come to rely on that does not change is...what I already know is never enough.

Look at that infographic just below the video here. It's called "The Human Intelligence Balancing Act". To make good decisions, I need to rely on more than just what's already been recorded and cataloged in the Finite Domain on the left. I always need to be asking for and inviting what I don't know yet, residing in the Infinite Domain on the right side.

What's on the left side is everything known, and everything that's for certain. While on the right side is the boundless land of chaos and uncertainty, where all the new ideas and insights come from.

The everyday world spends way too much time living just on the left side, being nourished only by what's already known, cut off from the yet to be known wisdom and understanding of the greater intelligence available on the right side.

By not making time and space to let that wisdom be known, the modern world is horribly out of balance. And Human Intelligence suffers.

So that's one thing I've learned that does not change, as everything else is changing around me.

The second thing I've learned that does not change, that lets me be Self-Agile, is how the Infinite Domain on the right side is a lot less chaotic and uncertain when I give it instructions that let it know what I want. Especially when I ask it to reveal to me things I didn't know I wanted.

This is the place where 10x lives. In the land of the unknown. It's impossible to 10x myself without inviting the not-yet-known into my life. And that includes the goals I don't yet know I want to have.

So that's two things I've learned that do not change.

A third, unchanging factor I have to keep in mind to be Self-Agile is how my brain is not just the grey matter inside my skull, but actually resides in the whole of my body.

The body is my brain.

That stuff between my ears is just a part of my body-brain. And it serves a very special function, acting as a receiver-transmitter, communicating with the huge body of knowledge of things I don't know yet. The vast body of yet-to-be-known knowledge of the larger universe we actually live in.

It's the place where ideas "out of the blue" come from. An unconscious treasure trove of knowing so big that I can't know all of it. At least I can't know all of it all at once. But I can access whatever I want from it. All I have to do is take the time to ask, and listen for it.

And there's a fourth thing I've found that does not change. Emotions are messengers, bringing me both news that I've asked for, and news that I haven't. It's a mistake, though, for me to want to shoot these messenger feelings. Especially when they're bringing me news I don't want to hear. Because this emotional energy moving through my body contains essential, valuable, and important intelligence information.

It's not the feelings that will kill me, but my resisting feeling them that does. Fully feeling and hearing the messages in the feelings passing through my body, makes for more fully reasonable decision-making,

While also remembering to never forget that feelings aren't everything, they just feel like they are.

So that's four 10x Self-Agility principles that do not change, despite how everything else around them might be. There are many more such Self-Agile principles, but these can help get you started.

So let's quickly review these four:
-- What I already know is never enough. The unknown becomes a resource when I ask for and intend for the right information to appear.

-- Chaos and uncertainty work for me when I give them clear instructions about what I want.

-- The body is my brain, and the stuff between my ears connects me with a vast body of yet-to-be-known unknown knowledge, but only when I ask for it.

And four -- All of the emotions in my body are messengers, rich with essential, valuable, and important intelligence information. The best decisions are those also informed by the intelligence revealed in my feelings.

And there's actually a fifth Self-Agility principle I want to leave you with, another thing that does not change, no matter what else is going on.

And that's...There's always more than one truth.

The more contradictory ideas I can allow to simultaneously co-exist in my mind, the more fresh new ones emerge. Previously unseen insights that sometimes are the perfect solution to previously unresolvable dilemmas. Seeking out and allowing multiple truths lets me see old landscapes with new eyes.

So to wrap up, nothing is ever staying the same, especially me. And being Self-Agile becomes my trusty guide, my North Star constant, allowing me to remain authentically aligned with my true nature and purpose, regardless of how things might be changing around me.

My well-crafted 10x plans no longer solve for predictability, but rather have me better prepared to navigate unforeseen challenges and circumstances with confidence and certainty.

Oh, and before I go, maybe you've heard something about Clean Language. I've found the Clean Language way of looking at the world to be a really quick and fast direct route to accessing my 10x Human Intelligence, and unleash the native Self-Agility within me.

Opening inner doorways to vast reaches of as-yet unknown knowledge sources, where the exact right new needed insights get to emerge and be revealed to me at exactly the right time.

You can research Clean Language yourself. And do it on your own if you like. But beware, Clean Language is more than just a set of questions. More than just a method or a technique. The best way to find out is to experience the Clean Language space first-hand for yourself.

And that's what my Self-Agility Human Intelligence Coaching makes possible.

If you're at all intrigued by this new set of possibilities, I invite you to book a free 90-minute Discovery Session with me.

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Thanks for watching. And I hope to see you soon.