I have always been curious to know what makes some Self-Leaders more effective than others

Take 2-1/2 minutes to listen to this July 2019 demo of machine learning-based interaction by a human with a robot therapist named 'Eliza' that asks questions based on its interpreted meaning of the responses the Automated Intelligence (AI) receives.

Would you have been able to tell this was not a human if I hadn't first told you it was a robot?

Can algorithms be programmed to lead themselves?

Will robot coaches become just as effective as human ones?

What sets Self-Leaders apart from robots?

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Finding these answers has prompted the research for this book I am writing called 

"Self-Leadership and Coaching by Robots"

I would like to find out if you think not only you, but also your coach, could be replaced by a robot.

I want to find out what Self-Leaders think about why coaching has worked for them in the past, and if being coached by the soon-to-come robots can provide the same kind or even better experience.

I want to find out what humans are and can do that robot machines will never be able to replicate.

SELF-Leadership seldom ever gets talked about

Over the years of my coaching business leaders I have come to recognize it doesn't matter whether you are the CEO or working on the front lines, Self-Leadership always precedes Leadership because everything extends from how and where you first choose to lead yourself.


And clients have made it clear Self-Leadership only happens when you stop the habit of seeking out and following what other people tell you what to do.


Many are convinced algorithms will ultimately be able to program themselves to do this, and already are.

Others are not so sure.


What do you think? That's what I'd like to talk with you about.


Are you among the special group who put leading themselves ahead of everything else?

I am wanting to speak with people who think of themselves as Self-Leaders to gain insight into what Self-Leadership means to them, and to learn the characteristics unique to Self-Leaders that robots will never be able to replicate.

You can probably relate to characteristics Self-Leaders have already told me they possess, like:

  • Self-Leaders view themselves as an anomaly, a population of one, as no one else is motivated by exactly what motivates them, they understand they have a totally unique perspective

  • They welcome VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity), despite its discomfort, for the innovation/fresh thinking/problem-solving rewards it brings

  • They are driven by a need/desire to make the world a better place

  • Self-Leaders feel like they are custodians of sacred knowledge they have been given, sacred knowledge they have been charged to share with others

  • They are driven by an inner personal purpose, and they are always on a quest to better understand that purpose, and find others with whom they share it ("My purpose is to keep re-discovering my purpose").

  • Self-Leaders desire and use stability and routine only to enable seeking the not-yet known


Among some of the questions I will want to be asking you:

• What does the term "Self-Leadership" mean to you?

• What makes Self-Leadership different from Leadership?

• What would you advise someone you were mentoring how to best prepare for the future?

• How do you make decisions about where to go next, how do you pick your next priorities?

• What motivates you into action?

• How do you decide what to give your attention to, what should get your focus?

• How have you created change in the past? What have you found works?

• What is it humans can do that machines and robots will never be able to replicate?


I would be very grateful if you would be able to commit 60 minutes of your time for a Zoom session with me to share your insights to help shape the content of this book "Self-Leadership and Coaching by Robots".


Don't be surprised if you learn as much from the discussion as I do.


You can find a convenient time on my calendar here

Or don't hesitate to reach out to me by email at


Looking forward to speaking with you.


Talk to you soon,