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Self-Agility Habit-Building Training
Working with Leaders and Change Agents transitioning out of outdated legacy Corporate Thinking Habits (many of whom are ready to quit because work has become so intolerable), helping them better navigate change and uncertainty with confidence by developing and strengthening their Self-Agility

Daily Lessons Training Course


Self-Agility Daily Headstart

  • A daily ongoing Training Course delivered by email

  • A lesson-a-day to develop and strengthen your Self-Agility thinking habits

  • Regain balance between internal expectations and external demands

  • Trigger fresh perspectives about the way you think about the Enterprise of YOU

  • Try it for a month. Unsubscribe at any time


1. How is the 'Self-Agility Daily Headstart' training course delivered?

A new email arrives in your inbox first thing each morning, seven days a week. It will only take a minute or two to read (or twice as long as that if you read it a second time, which is recommended).

2. What can I expect to learn?

This is a different kind of training course. It has no beginning and no end. There is no curriculum or syllabus. And there is nothing to study and memorize. There is no homework, no assignments, no grades, and no certificate at the end. Instead, the content in these daily lessons is intended to provoke fresh insights and reflection about who you think you are, and provoke options to the legacy Corporate Thinking habits that hold you back and cause you grief. This training course is a personal discovery experience. And you won't get to know what you have to discover until you start exposing yourself to the ideas it contains every day. And that can only happen when you start and continue reading the daily lessons.

3. What's the problem with Corporate Thinking habits?

Corporate Thinking habits become a problem when they are running your life all the time. Being a servant to the habits of legacy Corporate Thinking prevents you from experiencing yourself as the master of what matters most to you in your world. Corporate Thinking habits are a carry-over from Industrial Thinking. None of these habits is wrong. There is still value in all of the right context. But the emerging world of work today is seldom done in either of these contexts. Too often, though, these archaic legacy habits of thinking, custom, and conduct continue to be followed as if it was. We forget that corporations are dumb machines. We make the mistake of regarding and interacting with them as if they were human because they've been given the same legal status as natural persons. Which leads us to believe corporations think like humans. They don't. The more you engage with these dumb machines thinking they think like humans, the more your habitual human thinking sinks to the level of these dumb machines. And the more you interact with people, including yourself, like a dumb machine.

4. How does this daily lessons training course support the development of my Self-Agility?

Self-Agility is something that cannot be taught, only discovered, developed, and practiced. The daily lessons in this ongoing course support you doing that by making suggestions for shifts to Self-Agility habits of thinking. Not every lesson will necessarily give you an "Aha" light bulb moment, but some might. And not all the ideas will always be new to you, but you might begin to see them in a new light. But over time, the repeated exposure to these Self-Agility ways of thinking will have you noticing, and taking action with new previously unseen options, instead of the tired everyday routine habits of familiarity. But this can only happen over time when you read the lessons every day.

5. Why is the course offered for free?

Imagine if you had paid a thousand dollars for this course. Would you then be more likely to read these daily emails everyday? It's easy to assume because you've paid nothing for it, it's worth nothing. Or because it's free, its only purpose is to harvest and resell your personal data. Or that you're just opening the door to being deluged with spam. You can relax. None of these possibilities is true. I see too many well-meaning leaders and change agents frustrated and stuck because their allegiance to Corporate Thinking has made their thinking stuck. They can't see beyond to Self-Agility because of they have lost their ability to be flexible with their thinking. Their thinking about who they are and how they interact with their worlds. The Self-Agility Daily Headstart training course supports you in developing new Self-Agile habits of thinking that could be serving you better. Don't sign up for this course just because it's free. Commit to reading these emails every day for at least a month. Then you'll know. Thinking is free. And that's why this course in free thinking is free. But only if you are willing to try it to find out what could be in it for you.

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