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In May 2020 I was honored to be invited to participate in the
first-ever online Global Self-Leadership Summit

For three days, 24 experts from around the world came together to discuss their wisdom and expertise about Self-Leadership, sharing their proven strategies for personal and professional discovery of what’s next during this accelerated period of personal, professional, and social reinvention.


During my conversation with Summit host, Frances Hickmott we discuss strategies and techniques to reconnect with your inner Self-Leader and reawaken your own unique True Purpose.


You can watch it here.

Agile Self-Leadership is a concept that can be difficult to define, until you start doing that is.

Self-Leadership is more essential now than ever as the structures and routines we’ve relied on to give order to our lives disappear, and we must seek new ways to thrive as we find ourselves continuously having to reinvent a new normal.

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