Guided by Your

Own True Purpose

You are the compass

You are not relying on something else to tell

you where to go.

Your True Purpose is.

Personal Reinvention is More than Just a Change of Clothes

A lot of talk about personal reinvention focuses on externals, a new career, some new activity, even some new purpose or cause to start or join. But very little attention gets given to the person you need to become who will be wearing all these new clothes. Who is that new person you need to become, that new re-invented person emerging from where you've been and where you want to go?

True Purpose is an Inside Job

Personal reinvention can only happen by first changing who you think you are, guided by the one constant that does not change regardless of how your surroundings do -- your own unique True Purpose, who you came here to fully be.


For Self-Leaders, these times are no different than any other

During this accelerated period of personal, professional, and social reinvention, the pandemic is just making the ever-present need to always be leading yourself stand out all that much louder than usual.


As the externals and routines we have relied on to define us, things like our workplace, shopping, eating out, and travel have shrunk or disappeared, these ever-present questions are revealed more vividly into awareness:

  • "Where do I want to lead myself next?"

  • "Who do I need to be next?"

  • "How can I best fulfill my own unique True Purpose right now?"


Acknowledging these questions, being receptive to the answers you hear bubbling up from with inside you, and intentionally acting on them, without external proof of certainty, defines you as a Self-Leader.

True Purpose

The funny thing about True Purpose 

It's not always brilliantly self-evident.


It can wax and wane like the phases of the moon. Some days every cell in your being is vigorously bristling with the undeniable truth of of your Purpose. Other days, you flounder in absolute lost-ness.


And those are the days we easily forget there is even such a thing as True Purpose, and we desperately grasp at anything at hand to make our lives meaningful, adopting ill-fitting identities, distracted down unfulfilling rabbit holes, our resources mis-directed toward too many other priorities of others.


This is when you want to work with a coach like me to help you get reconnected with your True Purpose.

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