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Develop and practice your Self-Agility with these Habit-Building Programs

A daily Self-Study Course that Changes Your Habits of Thinking

  • Begin your shift to Self-Agility Thinking via a lesson a day delivered by email first thing every morning, 7 days a week

  • A daily 2-minute read that carries you through the day

  • By subscription, $100/month...start at any time

  • Unsubscribe whenever you wish at the end of any monthly billing cycle

CLICK HERE to Kickstart your Self-Agility Thinking


8-Week Daily Self-Reporting Course—Discover what you don't know that you know

  • Find new options for yourself by answering 16 questions every day for 56 consecutive days

  • It takes just 10 minutes a day, every day

  • Supported by weekly Zoom group coaching sessions

  • New programs start every Monday

  • Comes bundled with Program #1 (a $1,200/year value)

  • $2,000

CLICK HERE to Apply to be Accepted

I am not currently taking on any new 1-on-1 clients—CLICK to join Wait List

8-Week 1-on-1 Coaching Programs

  • Weekly 90-minute sessions via Zoom

  • All 1-on-1 programs come bundled with Programs #1 and #2 at no additional cost (a $2,200 value)

  • Beginning at $5,000

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