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Self-Agility Habit-Building Training
Working with Leaders and Change Agents transitioning out of outdated legacy Corporate Thinking Habits (many of whom are ready to quit because work has become so intolerable), helping them better navigate change and uncertainty with confidence by developing and strengthening their Self-Agility

1-on-1 Personal Coaching


Self-Agility Discovery Coaching

Packages of weekly 90-minute sessions

  • Become more of who you are

  • Find answers to “Now what?”, not just “What’s next?"

  • Experience greater control, progress, fulfillment, and belonging in all areas of your life

  • Rediscover the unknown familiar stranger within you

  • Reconnect with the work you love

All packages include a free life-time subscription to the
'Self-Agility Daily Headstart' training course

● 4-session Package: $1.7k
● 8-week 'Self-Leadership' Training Program: $2.7k
● 6-month 'Personal Certainty' Package: $1.5k / month

All packages include, at no extra cost, unlimited 'Anytime Urgent 15-Minute Certainty Check-In' calls (subject to availability)

The first session in your first Coaching Package is always free
You pay for packages only if you choose to continue

"Getting ahead is not about
getting more stuff done.
It's being 
more of who you are."
1. What's different about Self-Agility 1-on-1 Discovery Coaching?

My 1-on-1 coaching incorporates outcome-oriented Clean Language Symbolic Modelling. By the end of your first (no-cost) session you will have experienced the effectiveness of this approach, and how it might differ from other coaching you may have experienced or read about.

2. What happens during the first 1-on-1 Self-Agility Discovery coaching session?

What lies ahead for you is not a demo, but is the actual real live coaching experience with me. The session may at times not sound like a normal conversation. I won't be commenting, or making suggestions, or giving you advice (unless you ask me for it). You are the expert on what's going on in your life, not me. My role is to help you discover for yourself new personal knowledge of yours you didn't know was there for you to know. I may ask you questions that seem unusual, or that you have never been asked before. If you are not sure how to answer, just go with the first thing that comes to mind, or say "I don't know", or take all the time you need to think about it. There are no wrong answers, and all responses, including pauses are welcome.

3. What kind of results can I expect?

Self-Agility Discovery Training 1-on-1 Coaching Packages lead you to: • Apply and benefit from Self-Agility more frequently in every sphere of your life • Know uncertainty and volatility as allies, experiencing them as a resource, not a threat • Being more confident and comfortable initiating change instead of having to be at the effect of it • Find renewed personal purpose, feeling really good about it (and knowing what to do when you don't) • Regain balance between internal expectations and external demands • Experience the work you are doing, and the life you are leading, being more satisfying and enjoyable • Expand your self-identity, living the way you view yourself in alignment with what matters most to you • Grow your repertoire of response and creative habits beyond the stale catalog of societal expectations • Be filled with a greater sense of doubtless possibility and capability

4. How much of my time will it take?

1. The weekly 1-on-1 coaching sessions, typically occurring at the same time and on the same day each week, are scheduled for 90 minutes. Clients sometimes find meaningful outcomes emerging faster, though, and can choose to end a session early. 2. The unique nature of this work provokes background processing. Insights can emerge unexpectedly out of the blue at any time, and you may want to take a moment or two when they pop up to reflect upon any new awareness you are experiencing. 3. You would also need to allow time for 'Anytime Urgent 15-Minute Certainty Check-In' calls you might want to schedule (subject to my availability) should there be something truly urgent you need to discuss right away. I am committed to providing this extra level of care. I do not bill for this extra time, but I ask that you keep these occasional Zoom calls just for situations that are truly urgent.

5. What if I am not happy with the Self-Agility Discovery Training 1-on-1 Coaching?

As with any 1-on-1 coaching, the outcomes are personal discovery, outcomes that clearly cannot be known in advance. These are discoveries of yours, only for to you discover. And, as with any 1-on-1 coaching, it's less likely to work If the "chemistry" with the coach is not quite right. Hiring a coach is like buying a new pair of shoes—you have to walk around in them for a while to find out how they fit. That's why the first 1-on-1 coaching session in your first Self-Agility Discovery Training Coaching Package is free. You only pay for a package of sessions if you decide to continue. And there is absolutely no obligation for you to do so. It is perfectly acceptable for you to decide after the first session to go no further. And we can part as friends. Should you wish, you can still chose to accept your free subscription to the 'Self-Agility Daily Headstart' training course—a lesson a day in your inbox each morning to kickstart your Self-Agility thinking.

6. What else is included in Self-Agility Discovery Training 1-on-1 Coaching Packages?

All Coaching Packages come with a free life-time subscription to the 'Self-Agility Daily Headstart' training course, a lesson-a-day delivered to your email Inbox first thing every morning. A quick 1-2 minute read to kickstart your Self-Agility thinking for the day, and shift you away from your reliance on legacy Corporate Thinking habits holding you back. Self-Agility is an acquired personal skill that only gets stronger with regular repeated practice. And that's what this thinking habits training course helps you achieve. Not every one of the short daily messages will necessarily give you an "Aha!" moment, but over time the cumulative effect of repeated exposure to these new thinking habits will arouse within you a greater sense of personal freedom, choice, and power. Try reading it every day for a month and see how you and your life might have changed. And, also included at no charge, If you haven't yet already, take the free 10-minute 'Self-Agility Quotient' personal assessment at [] . This is a different self-assessment learning opportunity than the 'Self-Agility Score' quiz you might have already taken (if you haven't, you can access the 'Self-Agility Score' at []. Each of the 28 pairs of questions in the Self-Agility Quotient questionnaire invites you to score yourself on how much of your life is shaped by Corporate Thinking habits, and how much of your time is spent being Self-Agile. From this you can learn further where you are most out of balance in your work and life. And discover the habits of everyday thinking causing you the most grief, while being pointed to new Self-Agile thinking behaviors for your greater personal satisfaction, fulfillment, and productivity.

7. How do I get started?

1 • Click the below "Schedule your first (no-cost) session" button 2 • Register yourself in my online coaching management platform (called CoachAccountable) 3 • Review and sign my Coaching Services Agreement confirming our understanding between us 4 • Select a day and time on my calendar for your first (no-cost) session 5 • Ahead of the session I invite you to think about a topic, a problem, or a challenge you would like to discuss by reflecting on these two questions: ◦ What would you like to have happen? ◦ How will you know you have it? 6 • If you haven't yet already, before our first session, consider taking the free 10-minute 'Self-Agility Quotient' personal assessment at [] 7 • Show up for the session with an open mind and no distractions or interruptions, able to give your full attention to our time together There's nothing more you need to do to prepare. See you then!

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