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My Personal Self-Agility Manifesto

  • A Personal Self-Agility Manifesto serves as an internal guidance system, your own personal lighthouse you get to carry around with you wherever you go.

  • A Personal Self-Agility Manifesto is never finished. It is always a work in progress, a living document that develops over time as you continually review, add to, and update it.

  • Feel free to use mine as a starting point for your own Personal Self-Agility Manifesto, or build your own from scratch.

Things I Know to be True (until proven otherwise)
January.2021 rev1
  1. I can't know everything, at least not all at once.

  2. I am always just a small part of something larger, something unimaginably big, something infinitely unlimited, beyond conscious awareness, that I am always in the process of getting to know.

  3. One of my first acts of Self-Leadership is choosing where to put my attention. Focus is intentional distraction.

  4. The only price in life is paying attention, paying attention to what I am paying attention to. Because what gets my attention grows, gets bigger, and shows up more in my life.

  5. I am always free to change what I choose to look at, and always free to change what I believe.

  6. The unknown is the greatest resource there is. I cut myself from accessing it when I focus only on certainty, i.e., that which is already known. Inviting and welcoming the unknown is the only way to move forward, the only way to make change happen, the only way to get ahead.

  7. Certainty is a subset of the infinite world of uncertainty. What I give my attention to is what becomes certain.

  8. What I think about, I bring about. It is always OK to change my mind, and to change what I think.

  9. Fully accepting things the way they are is the essential first step to changing them. That means happily working with what I have, and openly ‎greeting others for what they are.

  10. Patience is compassion for what is. I can always choose to slow down and enjoy the moment now.

  11. I am always the only one having this particular experience of conscious awareness. Everyone else is having their own unique experience. There is always more than two sides to every story.

  12. There’s room in my world for multiple conflicting and opposing points of view to simultaneously co-exist. Indeed, the strength of my decisions depends on the amount of divergent thought that went into making them.

  13. Feelings aren't everything, they just feel like they are.

  14. Feelings won’t kill me. Fear of feelings and exiling them does.

  15. Trying to find the source of feelings does not change them or make them go away. Allowing them free passage through my body does.

  16. Which comes first? The feeling or the thought? Both!

  17. The strength of a tradition lies in its ability to adapt to continuous change.

  18. It's not how good I am, it's how good I want to be. I am always a work in progress.

  19. Success is a decision, not a destination.

  20. Goals are a process, not the objective.

  21. There are those who see, those who see when shown, and those who don't see. There’s always room for all three.

  22. Everything starts from who I think I am. The world changes as I change.

  23. I experience 'Self' not as a world of one, but as the totality of the world in which I live. We're all just different eyeballs looking out of the same head.

  24. The quality of the world in which I live improves the more I work to understand the lives of other people. And that begins with my seeking to see the divinity alive within each person.

  25. Everyone (including myself), at any given moment, is always doing the best they can with the perceptions, experience and knowledge, and resources they have at hand.

  26. Everyone I meet knows something I don't that I can learn from.

  27. There is always a bigger world beyond the one I am currently living in. It’s up to me to step into it. I am not bigger than life, but I am always bigger than what life presents me.

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