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Self-Agility Habit-Building Training

Self-Assessment Worksheet


Your Self-Agility Quotient

  • A free 10-minute online self-study questionnaire

  • Find out how Self-Agile you really are in 28 different areas of daily activity

  • Identify the Corporate Thinking habits holding you back most

  • Learn the Self-Agility habits to develop first most important to you

  • Receive a personalized custom report-of-findings study-guide for your next action steps


1. What does the Self-Agility Quotient self-assessment worksheet tell me that I don't already know?

Each of the 28 pairs of questions invites you to score yourself on how much of your life is shaped by Corporate Thinking habits, and how much of your time is spent being Self-Agile. From this you learn where you are most out of balance in your work and life. And discover the habits of everyday thinking causing you the most grief, while being pointed to new Self-Agile thinking behaviors for your greater personal satisfaction, fulfillment, and productivity.

2. What's the problem with Corporate Thinking habits?

Corporate Thinking habits become a problem when they are running your life all the time. Being a servant to the habits of legacy Corporate Thinking prevents you from experiencing yourself as the master of what matters most to you in your world. Corporate Thinking habits are a carry-over from Industrial Thinking. None of these habits is wrong. There is still value in all of the right context. But the emerging world of work today is seldom done in either of these contexts. Too often, though, these archaic legacy habits of thinking, custom, and conduct continue to be followed as if it was.

3. How do I replace Corporate Thinking habits? What do I replace them with?

The conversations you have with yourself are the most important ones of all. But too much internal dialog is just a rehash of yesterday's thinking. How much of who you were two weeks ago is still who you are today? Changing habits requires fresh knowledge of new options. The Self-Agility Quotient questionnaire is a starting point by making plain contrasting response choices to situations you interact with every day. When confronted by them, do you habitually choose a Corporate Thinking response or a Self-Agile one? The Self-Agility Quotient questionnaire will prompt you to recognize these contrasting options throughout your daily activities and routines, empowering you to be more intentional about your thinking habits by your growing awareness of Self-Agility choice options open to you. Old habits only get to be replaced by repeatedly re-choosing desired new ones. In support of this, you can save your completed Self-Agility Quotient responses to refer to in future as ongoing reminders of the Self-Agility choice options available in the areas you identify most troublesome for you.

4. How does the Self-Agility Quotient self-assessment worksheet help me change Corporate Thinking habits?

We are working today in a new world, a new world of work. One that is is not yet fully formed. One that is being invented, and re-invented, everyday, right before your eyes. A new world of work being invented by you, by how you choose to show up for it. And a lot of how you choose to show up happens out of habit. As you consider how you respond to the 28 situations in the Self-Agility Quotient self-assessment you get to recognize fresh ways of thinking about your response choices, and new options for how you can habitually choose to interact with your world. Over time, as you relinquish Corporate Thinking Habits, you might discover you are a different person than you thought you were, with capabilities you didn't even know you had. • Thriving in the face of uncertainty with Self-Agility • Taking charge of the change you want • Confident in your personal certainty • Discovering what you didn't know you needed to know that you already knew

5. Are there other ways I can further strengthen my Self-Agility?

Self-Agility is not something you learn, but something you allow to emerge and practice. Like any new habit, it requires ongoing repeated exposure to and practice with it. In addition to this free Self-Agility Quotient Worksheet, I offer these other free training options: (a) The free 'Self-Agility Daily Headstart' training course: A daily ongoing habit-building course delivered by email. A lesson-a-day first thing every morning to develop and strengthen your Self-Agility thinking habits, and trigger fresh perspectives about the way you think about the Enterprise of YOU. There is no cost for this ongoing training course. I make it available for free. Enrol here: (b) 1-on-1 Private Self-Agility Discovery Coaching: Go even deeper to become more of who you are. 90-minute 1-on-1 personal Self-Agility training sessions with me let you experience greater control, progress, fulfillment, and belonging in all areas of your life, while you re-discover the unknown familiar stranger within you, and reconnect with work you love. The first 1-on-1 coaching session in your first Self-Agility Discovery Training Coaching Package is free. You only pay for a package of sessions if you decide to continue. And there is absolutely no obligation for you to do so. Find out more here:

6. What happens to my responses and personal data?

None of what you submit completing the Self-Agility Quotient questionnaire is shared with any third-parties, as per the Privacy Policy at While the questionnaire profile questions may be used to aggregate anonymized data for research purposes. As mentioned above, after completing the questionnaire you are able to download and save your completed survey for your own future review and study. You are free to do with the report whatever you wish.

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