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Are you as Self-Agile as You Think You Are?

Find out for sure
Take the Self-Agility Quotient personal self-assessment
It's free, and takes only 10 minutes


Self-Agility only gets to be known when you exercise it

And you do that every day.
You just might not be aware how much.

This free personal self-assessment tool:

  1. Reveals how much time you actually spend being Self-Agile

  2. Identifies the areas of your life you would like, or need, to most develop your Self-Agility within yourself

Self-Agility is how you effectively navigate the endless dance between stability and chaos


When you are Self-Agile, you:

  • Eliminate overwhelm

  • Strengthen your authority

  • Make better decisions faster

  • Gain more time

  • Create more certainty (a different kind than you may be used to)

  • Move forward confidently with greater clarity of personal purpose

  • Are able to throw yourself into an uncertain world with hope and confidence


There's no charge.

And it only takes about 10 minutes to complete

​Find out your Self-Agility Quotient
Discover how much of your time you actually spend exercising Self-Agility

Gauge yourself against 28 essential characteristics of Self-Agility, what they mean to you, and how they impact your productivity, effectiveness, and personal satisfaction.

You also get a PDF of your responses and your Self-Agility Quotient score for your future reference and review.

A free 1-on-1 private Debrief Session is also included

Once you've completed the questionnaire, you can schedule a free 30-minute private 1-on-1 Assessment Debrief Session with me to further explore what you have discovered.

Self-Agility is what sustains and guides you through Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity

The Self-Agility Quotient self-assessment makes the changes you want to have happen be more on target for you

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