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Quitting is Not the Only Option

Discover a Whole New World of Self-Agility


Self-Assessment Worksheet

  • A free 10-minute online self-study questionnaire

  • Find out how Self-Agile you really are in 28 different areas of daily activity

  • Identify the Corporate Thinking habits holding you back most

  • Learn the Self-Agility habits to develop first most important to you

  • Receive a personalized custom report-of-findings study-guide for your next action steps


What's Your Self-Agility Quotient


Daily New Habit Lessons

  • Activate your Self-Agility Thinking

  • A daily ongoing Training Course delivered by email

  • A lesson-a-day to develop and strengthen your Self-Agility thinking habits

  • Balance internal expectations with external demands

  • Trigger fresh perspectives about the way you think about the Enterprise of YOU

  • Unsubscribe at any time


Self-Agility Daily Headstart


1-on-1 Personal Coaching

  • Packages of weekly 90-minute sessions 

  • Become more of who you are

  • Find answers to “Now what?”, not “What’s next?"

  • Experience greater control, progress, fulfillment, and belonging in all areas of your life

  • Rediscover the unknown familiar stranger within you

  • Reconnect with the work you love

The first session in your first Coaching Package is free. You pay for packages only if you choose to continue.

Self-Agility Discovery Training

Replace Corporate Thinking Habits

Your world stays the same the longer you do

And it stays the same the longer you wait for the world to change first

Self-Agility Habit-Building Training

Changing Corporate Thinking Habits

Corporate Thinking habits are a carry-over from Industrial Thinking.
Neither sets of habits is wrong. There is value in both of the right context

But we are working today in a new world, a new world of work.
One that is is not yet fully formed. One that is being invented, and re-invented, everyday, right before our eyes. A new world of work being invented by you, and by how you choose to show up for it.

Corporations are dumb machines.

Yet we regard and interact with them as if they were human. Because corporations have been given the same legal status as natural persons leads us to believe corporations think like humans. They don't.

The more we engage with these dumb machines thinking they think like humans, the more our human thinking becomes dumbed down to the level of these dumb machines. And the more we treat people, including ourselves, like dumb machines.




Self-Agility Training helps you take charge of your personal certainty, and discover what you didn't know you needed to know that you already knew.

By supporting you developing new habits of thinking.
New habits of thinking you get to discover for yourself.


And like any new set of habits, it takes repeated exposure and practice to not only become familiar with them, but most important, gain benefit from them. 

Becoming less of a servant to the habits of legacy Corporate Thinking, and more the master of what matters most to you in your world.

Systems change as the people within them change. Not the other way round.

What will be different two weeks from now?



Unless you take action now.

Three free Self-Agility training options are waiting for you.

And they all start with you.

Which will you choose?
One, or all three...

  1. Self-Agility Quotient self-assessment

  2. Self-Agility Daily Headstart habit-building course

  3. 1-on-1 Personal  Coaching

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