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Gauge your Self-Leadership Quotient

How Much Do You Think and Act like a Self-Leader?

Self-Leadership can be difficult to define, until you start doing it that is.

In just 10 minutes, this quick questionnaire will tell you how much time you spend actually exercising your Self-Leadership

  • Gauge for yourself common characteristics of Self-Leadership, what they mean to you, and how they might impact your personal productivity, effectiveness, and satisfaction

  • Awaken fresh understanding of, and re-connection with, your True Purpose

  • Recognize where you want, or need, to spend more time exercising your Self-Leadership

  • Develop your capacity to be the person you need to become for whatever might come next

  • Discover a new view of Self, not as a population of one, but Self being the world in which you live

​You also get to download a personal PDF of your responses and Self-Leadership Quotient score for your future review.