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Self-Agility is shaped by how you
choose to respond to VUCA


You get to choose






VUCA at work


A term coined by the US military to describe conditions soldiers have to face on the battlefield, that stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity

You don't need to be on a battlefield to experience VUCA as an everyday reality

But unlike soldiers on a battlefield, regularly dealing with people trying to kill you is not your normal everyday experience.

But you still have to confront VUCA

When resisted, VUCA causes unnecessary anxiety and stress, reduces productivity and effectiveness, it undermines your capability to be resilient, and promotes general unhappiness.

Not to mention, it’s exhausting.

VUCA's not something new

It's always been here. And despite our best wishes, it's not going away.

It's as much a part of life as breathing.


Cultural Conditioning

Embracing VUCA is not the first thing most people think of.
Our safety and protection habits say to run away from it as fast as we can.

We seek comfort and salvation in the opposites of VUCA

  • Stability

  • Consistency

  • Predictability

  • Uniformity

But the more we try to hang onto these illusions, the more VUCA catches us by surprise, and the more VUCA we get to painfully experience.

A totally counter-intuitive thing happens when you stop resisting VUCA, and instead start putting it to work for you

  • Discomfort quickly fades

  • You become more resilient and Self-Agile

  • Your performance improves

  • You can relax

Not only does it free up your frozen nervous system that's been hard at work defending you from unpleasant VUCA-sourced feelings,

  • You also get to discover how VUCA opens up new areas of knowledge and life-energy you didn't know were available, and

  • You find new power to stop letting circumstances be making your decisions for you

The essence of Self-Agility is how you choose to respond to VUCA

Transforming VUCA into a trusted resource rather than a threat, like any form of habit of self-development, is a skill that only gets stronger with regular repeated practice.



An 8-week 1-on1 Self-Directed Training Course for Leaders

  • Enables learning how to go beyond surviving VUCA to thriving with it

  • Increases your native resiliency

  • Comfortably expands your resourcefulness and capabilities

  • Reawakens your own unique True Purpose

The SMart About Work Self-Directed Training Course lets you:

• Find the eye at the centre of Volatility to calmly iterate faster what matters most
• Employ Uncertainty as a valuable resource, your trusted ally rather than a nemesis
• Untangle Complexity to reconnect with and be guided by True Purpose
• Experience Ambiguity as a rich source of fresh thinking and meaningful innovation


I work with Leaders reinventing themselves, who want to master the New World of Work so they can advance

They get to develop their Self-Agility, reconnect with their Inner Leader, and learn from themselves where to best go next, how to to get there, and become a better leader of leaders.


The more successful you become the more time is spent satisfying the agendas of others, fulfilling other people's priorities rather than your own. The more disconnected you become from your own True Purpose the more inner conflict you experience, and the more personal and organizational dysfunction become frustrating time-wasting everyday realities.



News Broadcaster, Architectural Designer, B2B Sales & Marketing Leader, Media Entrepreneur.
My Self-Agility Coaching is defined by my integration and mastery of these seemingly disconnected agile work environments, repeatedly reinventing myself by intentionally heading where there are no maps.



• Maybe you are so busy DOING you've forgotten how to BE more of who you are?
• Lost touch with what matters most to you?

• Dissatisfied trying to please too many conflicting priorities?

• Frustrated doing more of what has made you successful in the past is no longer satisfying, or just plain no longer works?

• Aching to not only be feeling more productive, but more EFFECTIVE?
• Possibly you are at a fork in the road or at a crossroads? Maybe you're not even sure what that fork or crossroads might be, challenged by too many disparate attractive options?

Hiring a coach is like buying a new pair of shoes

You've got to try them on to see how they fit.


Book a free no-obligation Discovery Session to find out

I've got a few spots open.

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